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What products does Binfer offer?

File Sharing

Share files of any size either by generating a link to send users to receive files directly from your device or by creating we pickup HTML code to embed in your site. Web Pickup is a method by which recipients can receive files using a web browser, without having to install anything. Web Pickup has to be enabled by the sender before sending the message.


Binfer message is like an email message. It may contain: 1. Recipients, 2. Subject, 3. Description and 4. Files. Even though it looks like a standard email message, the similarity ends there. The protocols and file transfer engine are different from that of an email system. Each message is monitored for delivery and is marked as delivered when all recipients have received all files. Types of messages:

Standard Message 

A standard message must have recipients. Files can be downloaded via a web browser or the app. Message option can be set to disallow web downloads. When a message is sent using the New Message form, it cannot be changed. The message is added to the Outbox and remains there until deleted.

  1. Open Message
    • Send a Message with a description that can be read from the receiver’s email client. 
  2. Secure Message
    • Similar to an ‘Open Message’ but the description is also hidden until the receiver opens the Message. Opening the Message will create a direct connection between sender and receiver, only then will the description and attached files appear. 

Web Drop 

Web drop enables people to send files directly to your device without installing anything or having access to your file structure. You can create a web drop link to send or create a web drop widget by generating a widget HTML code through the Binfer app to embed in your site so people can send files to you using a web browser. 


Synchronize devices using Binfer’s rules system. It is easy to sync devices, backup machines, and keep entire networks on the same page.