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Mapping NAS Drives for Use with Binfer

Network Access Storage (NAS) is a common part of most corporate environments these days so Binfer offers an easy and flexible way to map your NAS drives from within the system, guaranteeing they’re available every time.


This setup assumes that you already have network storage available on your network. 

It is also assumed that you know the batch or shell command to map your NAS drive onto a local machine.  If you do not know this command please contact your IT department or reach out to your Binfer rep with your NAS specs and environment specs.


First, you will need to log into your web console and using the left hand navigation menu navigate to SETTINGS > DOWNLOADS.  At the bottom of the screen you should see a section labeled NAS MAPPING COMMANDS.

Copy and paste your NAS mapping command and click SAVE NAS MAPPINGS to save the commands into the Binfer configuration directory. 

NOTE:  If authentication credentials are required for NAS access these credentials will need to be placed within the command you provide to the Binfer system.

Finally, restart BinferService and after the restart you should now see the NAS drive available from the Binfer web console.


If the command does not work you can trouble shoot the command by working with the batch or shell file found under {SYSTEM_DIRECTORY}\Binfer\Conf where {SYSTEM_DIRECTORY} is the system directory you set during initial configuration.  On Windows machines the file will be called startup.bat and on Linux machines the file will be called

Running this file should successfully map the drive to your local user account, if it does not then there is an error with the command.  You may modify this file to adjust the command that Binfer runs during startup.  Please note: THE FILE NAME CANNOT BE CHANGED.